For over a decade Guru Dev Singh has annually led a Re Man meditation in India, continuing now in Mexico. In this Re Man Meditation, Guru Dev allows you to explore the Shabad that can make you like the Golden Buddha.

Preparatory meditation

Every year a large group gathers to chant the Re-Man. We will sit together and continuously chant the Re-Man Shabad for 7 days until 11,000 repetitions have been completed. Yogi Bhajan said that chanting the Re-Man 11,000 times gives one a “Golden Aura.”

The Shabad comes from the writings (Dasam Granth) of the 10th Sikh Guru: Guru Gobind Singh.

Yogi Bhajan said that “the perfection of the Re-Man brings total health to the person that practices it and that it penetrates through the mental body directly to the spirit and develops a Golden aura. You will have wisdom and purity of a yogui.”


guru- reman

Where: Hotel Fiesta Inn Mérida, Yucatán, México.

About Mérida

This year, the Mexican city of Merida was named the American Capital of Culture for a second time, highlighting the Yucatán capital’s abundant riches.

Merida’s culture is a distinctive blend of traditions inherited from the ancient Maya civilization dating back to 2600 B.C. and customs brought by Spanish conquistadors, who began colonizing the territory in the 16th century. The city of Merida itself was founded by Francisco de Montejo y León in 1542 on top of an ancient Maya city called T’ho, whose stonework was repurposed by the Spaniards as foundations to erect lofty Catholic churches and colonial mansions. After 500 years of coexistence, different rituals and beliefs created a vibrant cultural identity that continues to shape this dynamic city.

One of Mérida’s biggest draws is its gastronomy. Local markets, like the bustling Mercado Lucas de Gálvez and Mercado Santiago, are bursting with exotic fruits and vegetables. Wander the markets alone or with a guide to taste local produce like spicy habaneropeppers; chaya, a local green similar to spinach; rambutan, a red shell fruit with sweet white pulp often sold as “agua fresca” juice; Seville oranges, a staple in Yucatecan cooking for its acidity; and huaya, a lime exclusive to the Yucatán region that’s typically eaten with a sprinkling of chili powder.

Narrow streets are safe and squeaky clean with picturesque periwinkle, sherbet pink, mint green, and vibrant peach facades. The main zócalo is a spacious square trimmed with well-preserved 16th century mansions built for the family of founder Francisco de Montejo, as well as San Ildefonso Cathedral, one of the oldest churches in Latin America. Further north lies the leafy Plaza Santa Lucia, a neighborly hub where locals come to socialize and dance, and Paseo Montejo, a wide tree-lined avenue inspired by the Champs-Élysées and dotted with palatial Beaux Arts homes. On Sundays, city plazas come to life with locals enjoying cultural events, folkloric dancing and tented markets.


About Hotel Fiesta Inn

Fiesta Inn Mérida is a 4 star eco friendly hotel, so it is a 100% free smoke free hotel.
Undoubtedly the best hotel in its category in Ciudad Blanca, the “White City”, Fiesta Inn Mérida is located at calle 5B No. 290 A, col. revolución.

With a fresh modern image is the perfect of business accommodations done right.
Free wi fi access, Out door pool, gym.

Important observations:
* The space where the meditation is happening is isolated from the rooms.
* We chose a Hotel that has the H distinctive, which is a very high rank of cleanliness in the restaurants that hold this H rank.

When: February 23th-March 1st, 2020
Schedule: Arrival to Hotel in Mérida for Reman will be on the 23rd and we will start to chant at 4 am on the 24th of February.

Costs including 3 meals, coffee break and lodging:

Costs (double room)


Child under 12

Until december 24th

1025 Euros/1,140 USD/ $21,800 pesos

450 Euro/ $9900.-

After December 24th

1174 Euros / 1300 USD / $25,000 pesos

450 Euro/ $9900.-

Costs (single room)


Until december 24th

1470 Euros/1625 USD/ $31,300 pesos

After December 24th

1,620 Euros /1,785 USD/ $38,500 pesos

To reserve please pay via Pay Pal with this link. You will be charged $5000 MXN which is approximately 260 usd or 235 euro. The rest can be paid in cash at your arrival in the hotel in the currency of your preference.

Online reservation deposit: 5000 pesos equivalent to 260 USD / 235 EUR



It includes meals starting with the dinner on the 23th of February, ending with the breakfast of March 1st, coffee break and the program.



Have at least 2 years of serious meditation practice.


Round trip
60 Eur / 70 usd / 1300 pesos

Single trip
30 Eur / 35 usd / 650 pesos

The bus will depart from International Cancun Airport on the 23rd of February at 13:00 hours.
And the bus will return back from Mérida to International Cancun Airport at 8 am.
Please note that the trip from Merida-Cancún is 3:30 to 4 hours


IMPORTANT: The down payment is not refundable in any circumstaces after January 20


Contact and information:

Gabriela Domínguez or Liz Álvarez:

WhatsApp Liz: +52 1 55 1954 4321


Invitación al Re-Man en Mérida con el reconocido sanador internacional y yogui: Guru Dev Singh Khalsa

Cada año un gran grupo de practicantes se reúnen para cantar el Re-Man. Nos sentaremos juntos durante 7 días para cantar de forma continua el Shabad Re-Man hasta completar 11,000 repeticiones. Yogi Bhajan dijo que el repetir el mantra Re-Man le da al practicante un aura dorada.


Yogi Bhajan dijo que: “la perfección del Shabd Re Man trae salud total a la persona que lo práctica, penetra a través del cuerpo mental directo al espíritu y los que meditan en el pueden desarrollar una línea del arco de oro. Puede traer una perfecta salud mental. Tendrás sabiduría y la pureza de un yogui.”


Dónde: Hotel Fiesta Inn, Yucatán, México.

Cuando: 23 de Febrero al 1 de Marzo, 2020.

Horario: La llegada al hotel en Mérida para Reman será el 23 y comenzaremos a cantar a las 4 am el 24 de febrero. Sat Nam

Precio: Incluye 3 comidas, coffee break y alojamiento en ocupación doble.

Precio (habitación doble)


Niños menores de 12 años

Antes del 24 de diciembre

1025 Euro/1,140 usd/ $21,800

450 Euro/ $9900.-

Después del 24 de diciembre

1174 Euros / 1,300 USD / $25,000 pesos

$450 Euro / $9900.-

Precio (habitación sencilla)


Después antes del 24 de diciembre

1470 Euros/1625 USD/ $31,300 pesos

Después de diciembre 24

1,620 Euros /1,785 USD/ $38,500 pesos

Para reservar paga vía Pay Pal con tu link $5000.- MXN y el resto a tu llegada al hotel.

Depósito de reservación en línea: 5000 pesos equivalente a 260 USD / 235 EUR

*Incluye alimentos tipo buffet
Iniciando desde la cena del 23 de febrero terminando con el desayuno el 1 de marzo.


Viaje Redondo
60 Eur / 70 usd / 1300 pesos

Viaje Sencillo
30 Eur / 35 usd / 650 pesos

El camión saldrá del Aeropuerto Internacional de Cancún el 23 de Febrero a las 13:00 hrs. Regresará de Mérida al Aeropuerto Internacional de Cancún a las 8 am. Considerar que el tiempo entre Mérida y Cancún es de 3:30 a 4:00 horas.


Tener al menos 2 años de practicar la meditación seriamente.

Importante: El pago inicial no es reembolsable bajo ninguna circunstancia después del 20 de enero.


Información & contacto:

Gabriela Domínguez o Liz Álvarez:

WhatsApp Liz: +52 1 55 1954 4321